Everyone! Get in here! Hearthstone’s Unlimited Bundle is Wrapping Up

| June 18, 2018
Everyone! Get in here! Hearthstone's Unlimited Bundle is Wrapping Up 1

The Grim Patron says it best with his line of “Everyone! Get in here!” since it’s the last day to get your hands on Hearthstone’s Get in Here Bundle. Each bundle has a total 10 card packs, which includes two packs from The Witchwood, Kobolds & Catacombs, Knights of the Frozen, Journey to Un’Goro, and Classic sets.

This means a total of 50 cards can be unwrapped from each bundle, adding to your collection and helping you rise through the ranks or either Standard or Wild.

As with all Hearthstone card packs, each pack in this bundle will have at least one card that’s Rare or better. However, unlike other Hearthstone bundles, this one allows for unlimited purchases, meaning players can buy this one as many times as they want.

The bundles can be opened right away after purchase. All players have to do is press “Open Packs” in the main menu and click away.

The ritual of holding a card pack and moving it about before placing it down, the sound of the cards bursting open, and that moment of hovering your cursor over a card and seeing it glow yellow for Legendary… cannot be more exciting.

With already hundred of cards in the game, each pack players open can lead to, as Gul’dan would put it, “So many possibilities…”

Whether you get a card integral to Cubelock, Shudderwock Shaman, Token Druid, or even something that sparks your imagination to create a new Hearthstone meta contender, this bundle might just be the place to start.

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