Here Comes Niko Is the Adorable Next Game From A Hat In Time Devs

Here Comes Niko Is the Adorable Next Game From A Hat In Time Devs

During the E3 2021 Wholesome Direct, developer Gears For Breakfast shared a brand new look at its next title, Here Comes Niko.

Gears For Breakfast is the studio behind A Hat In Time, the Kickstarter success that’s a throwback to the classic 90’s 3D platformers. Here Comes Niko follows in those footsteps as a 3D platformer, but it looks markedly different from the previous title, and not just because of the semi-2D art style.

Here Comes Niko a much more laid-back experience. Of course, that trademark sense of humor still carries over from A Hat In Time with the game’s Steam page description reads “Here Comes Niko! is the cozy 3D platformer for tired people! You play as Niko traveling across scenic islands. Make new friends, catch fish, solve puzzles, snag bugs, and more! Oh, Did I mention your boss is a frog?”

Niko takes a job at Tadpole Inc. as a “professional friend,” which entails helping the local inhabitants with whatever they need. There are six different islands to travel between, each of which seems to have a different biome. While helping friends is the main focus of the game there also looks to be a variety of different side tasks like fishing and catching bugs.

Here’s more from the game’s official description, “Hi, Pepper here. I’m an executive manager at Tadpole Inc. A professional friend is someone who is a friend to everybody! And who occasionally gets paid. On your journey, you’ll meet many creatures that need help. Help them with catching fish, making art, or by just listening to their worries. If you’re lucky you’ll get a coin. Invest your coins in the railways so you can travel to new islands. Before you know it you’ll be doing big business!”

More info can be seen at the official site for Here Comes Niko, and the game also has a Discord community. Here Comes Niko doesn’t currently have a release date, but is planned to release on PC and Nintendo Switch

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