Heroes and Generals Reaches 10 Million Registered Players

Heroes and Generals Reaches 10 Million Registered Players

The free to play first person Shooter MMO, Heroes and Generals has seen its user base expand drastically since its release in late 2016, proudly announcing that they have now reached 10 million registered players.

“Reaching 10 million players is an important milestone for all of us at Reto-Moto, and it is a great inspiration to us having such a large dedicated community,” said Game Director at Reto-Moto, Jacob Anderson, in a press release. “Launching was only the beginning for us, and we have a lot of great content, features and improvements planned for Heroes and Generals in 2017 that I just can’t wait for the fans to get their hands on.”

Reto-Moto is setting off a special event to help them celebrate Heroes and Generals’ 10 million players, offering contests and prizes totaling 10 million in game credits. The studio also promises to continue supporting the game heavily, with more frequent updates and new content to come through 2017. Despite its relative youth, Reto-Moto has already released two major updates to the game prior to this announcement.

10 million players is certainly something to celebrate, especially for a game that is still so newly released. A quick glance at Heroes and Generals’ store page shows some impressive looking screenshots and an ambitious free-to-play title. The game is clearly trying to capitalize on the success of similar AAA franchises. A look at the user reviews, tells a wholly different story. It seems that the vast majority of customer experiences with the game have been pretty negatively, at least recently. Many complaints cite poor frame rate and frustrating leveling mechanics that favor established players strongly over new users. It’s hard to say how much of this is valid rather than the knee-jerk reactions that are so common on the internet, but it likely explains why we are celebrating 10 million registered players rather than active ones.

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