Heroes of the Storm: Alterac Pass Receives New Balance Changes

Heroes of the Storm: Alterac Pass Receives New Balance Changes 1

Heroes of the Storm just got some balance changes for its new Alterac Pass map. These changes affect the generals, calvary, and reaver minions.

Reaver minions are the ones that spawn in a lane whenever the lane’s enemy fort is destroyed. They lead the minion wave at the front, soaking up some damage for the rest of the wave. With the new update, their damage scaling is increased by 50 per cent.

Meanwhile, the cavalry, which is rewarded for each team if they hold onto their objective, no longer gains additional armour for nearby heroes. The Heroes of the Storm developers noted that multi-Hero pushes are already strong enough that addition armour shouldn’t be required.

The cavalry also gets their health reduced by 2,000 while getting a health scaling increase by 19 per cent. The calvary’s damage is reduced from 85 to 65, and the damage scaling has increased by 22 per cent.

The developers decided to increase the scaling of both the cavalry and reaver minions so each Heroes of the Storm game could end in a timely fashion. “This should only come into play during games that become prolonged,” a developer wrote.

As for Drek’thar and Vanndar, their health have been reduced from 24,000 to 20,000 and they will now gain a maximum of 405 health every minute until 21 minutes. These changes happened so that the generals won’t be taken down as quickly by late-game heroes that have outscaled them. Overall, these changes help reduce the frequency of how a team can run away with an early lead, while keeping the game time similar to other Heroes of the Storm battlegrounds.

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