Hideo Kojima Joins Virtual/Augmented Reality Company Prologue Immersive

Hideo Kojima Joins Virtual/Augmented Reality Company Prologue Immersive 1

Hideo Kojima, the creative mind behind the Metal Gear game franchise has joined the advisory board of Prologue Immersive, a company focused on virtual and augmented reality. Prologue Immersive is known for an impressive portfolio of digital animation including Tony Stark’s holographic computer system in Marvel’s Iron Man and Avengers movies. Joining the company is one of the many doors that have opened for Kojima since he left Konami last year.

He now works alongside Kimberly Cooper, co-founder and CEO of the company, and company partner Kyle Cooper. Kimberly Cooper is an Emmy-nominated designer and creative executive who founded the Prologue Immersive to focus on virtual and augmented reality in 2015 as a division of Prologue, which was founded by the two Coopers in 2003. Hideo Kojima and Kyle Cooper have been working together since Hideo’s first Metal Gear game and according to Kojima the two have “been close friends…for over 17 years now.”

Kojima is very excited to be working with the company. He strongly believes in the potential of virtual reality, not only in the realm of video games but in the possibility for it to change the everyday lives of people. Kojima has proclaimed that 2016 will be “Year One” for the virtual reality revolution.

“I’m very excited to hear that masters of the visual arts such as Kyle Cooper and his team are taking on yet another challenge in this digital interactive media that is VR. Through VR, I am certain they will strive to connect films and video games and take us on to that bridge to the future that lies ahead. It would be my absolute pleasure to assist the Coopers on this new adventure they are embarking on.”

As virtual reality being the future of games becomes more and more likely, Hideo Kojima’s involvement in the growing field may have tremendous results for the game industry.

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