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Star Wars goes AR with Lenovo 3

Star Wars goes AR with Lenovo

AR technology is still a ways out. Microsoft’s Hololens is still too expensive for the average consumer and although the tech giants, Apple and Samsung,

Starbreeze Acquires ePawn For 7.9 Million

Starbreeze Acquires ePawn

Starbreeze has been enjoying quite a bit of success recently with a successful launch of Dead By Daylight. The independent developers/publishers are looking to capitalize on that

A New VR Challenger Approaches 5

PC-Free VR A Reality With Sulon Q

With the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive on the horizon Sulon Industries has announced its new “all-in-one” VR headset. Named the Sulon Q, it

HoloLens Has Unique Potential 2

HoloLens Has Unique Potential

Although most of spotlight on headsets is in the virtual reality department right now, let’s not forget that other aspect; “augmented reality,” or AR. It’s

Microsoft Needs A New Name For The Hololens 2

Microsoft Needs A New Name For The Hololens

Microsoft, in an interesting move that runs counter to current technology trends, has not thrown its hat into the virtual reality ring. Instead, they’ve introduced

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