Hideo Kojima Announces Exciting New Project For Development in 2022

| January 3, 2022
Hideo Kojima Announces New Project For Development in 2022

Yesterday, in classic Hideo Kojima cryptic fashion, the legendary game developer let out an exciting Tweet for all gamers.

There are many game developers that are known for their niches. Suda51 is known for his iconic slapstick style around his games, Sid Meier is known for his excellent strategy titles, and Hideo Kojima, while also being the legendary creator and director of the Metal Gear Solid series, is known for his cryptic messaging in announcing titles.

A Tweet sent from his verified Twitter account confirmed what fans have thought, he is going to go into development on a new project in 2022:

The cryptic nature comes from the wide berth of media the project can sit in, as the Tweet narrows it down to almost every form of media. The internet earlier in the week had theories about an announcement coming from the developer this week. Lo and behold, it happened.

The Kojima Productions website also doesn’t give much more information than what was tweeted, so only time will tell which medium the new “radical” project will be on. Announcements in the past have flown over fans’ heads before however, as theories have sometimes gone into the absurd like the latest BlueBox Studios debacle that the internet falsely linked him to.

Although, Kojima Productions have also recently opened a TV and film division of the company, so it is possible that’s the direction it goes in. But with Hideo Kojima’s announcements, usually the sky is the limit with where it can go, especially when he infamously had gamers believing the entire time during Metal Gear Solid 2‘s release, Solid Snake would return as the full-time protagonist.

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As with every other announcement this year, fans will just have to rest on their laurels until he decides to throw more information at gamers. To stay in the loop, fans can follow the Hideo Kojima official Twitter for the latest updates.

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