Hitchhike Across A Lynchian World In The Long Way

| February 17, 2015
Hitchhike Across A Lynchian World In The Long Way 6

Game Jams are often a place that many unique and unexpected games come to be built. One of these such games The Long Way, is a game that is rarely seen, and that must be played.


Presented with a minimalist sun-bleached world in a simple pixel art style, the player takes control of a nameless character as they walk lazily across the countryside. The only real actions they have are the walk and the thumbs out to entice cars that pass by. It is such a simple concept, but behind the simplicity lurks a much deeper story.

“There is limited choice, but that is part of the experience”

Once a car manages to stop it presents a set of choices. Two simple dialog options that will steer the conversation in one way or another. If you answer well the people will respond favourably, don’t and you will upset the driver.


There is a mystery that must be uncovered as you embark on your journey. Odd notes will be scattered along the roadside each one giving a clue to conspiracies and odd occurrences taking place in this area. As you find the discarded notes and trash on the roadside, more and more of the mystery will unfold.

There is an interesting mix of the mundane and the odd that is reminiscent of Twin Peaks or of many Lynchian works. This makes for a fantastic setting for this simple yet interesting game. Part of the fun is exploring the universe the creators have built, so I will try to limit what we disclose here. Don’t worry though, even though the quest may seem endless, there is a finale at the end of the road. So grab your backpack and experience the world of The Long Way.


It is a free download, so head over to the site and download it now!

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