Huawei Hits Market with New Professional and Gaming Monitors

Huawei Hits Market with New Professional and Gaming Monitors 4

Huawei has long been known for their smart devices like phones, tablets, wearables and audio products, but today all that changes and they are making the dive into monitors for professionals and gamers alike.

This winter, Huawei promises to bring consumers the MateView for professionals and the MateView GT for gamers. This is a brand new market that Huawei is tapping into, and let me tell you, they’re doing it right. Both monitors feature the sleek, top shelf design that the company is known for, allowing you to game or work in style. As with all things Huawei, these monitors will become a part of the Harmony OS ecosystem, but also work with any OS you happen to use. Smart Monitors are where technology is heading, and Huawei seems to be ahead of the curve.


This thing is gorgeous. Huawei is bringing the future to us with this new monitor for content creation and entertainment. Boasting a 28.2 inch display panel that “exceeds 4k+ resolution,” (2k for PC screencasting), the MateView will be a must-have monitor for work or play. It also features a colour accuracy of ΔE < 1 in sRGB mode and ΔE < 2 in DCI-P3 mode (which supports 98% of the DCI-P3 colour gamut). Visuals on this monitor promise to be vibrant and detailed.

You can also share screens from your Huawei MateBook and MatePad products wirelessly and seamlessly, as well as tapping a Huawei smartphone against the MateView dock activating Desktop Mode, transforming your monitor into its own PC. This will allow users to work efficiently on the bigger screen, but also shift the focus from mobile. The 3:2 productivity screen can also be used with any of the USB-C, HDMI 2.0 or Mini DisplayPorts as well.

Huawei Hits Market With New Professional And Gaming Monitors 1

The MateView has a 6mm bezel on the sides and 9mm bezel on the top and bottom, while also being razer thin. The screen-to-body ratio is 94%, with a polished surface to make sure your desk space remains stylish. The Huawei MateView features the first magnetically attached back casing, reducing the thickness of the connection area by at least 50%, being 9.3mm at its thinnest point and 13mm at its thickest point. The internal layout has also been redesigned, boasting the first  screen-to-bracket threading solution, using a Cell assembly line to create the monitor’s crisp design.

The MateView brings with it two 5W standard full range speakers, with a weighted maximum volume of 75dB. These are embedded into the stand itself, making them completely front firing for optimal sound output. You will also find that the MateView has Dual Microphone Array, supporting digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms, allowing for noise reduction and echo cancellation. For any PC that doesn’t support this, you can take advantage of the acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) built into the Huawei MateView. Long gone are the days of a cluttered desk with additional speakers and microphones, the MateView line can do it all.

The Huawei Smart bar is also new-a hidden touch OSD button on the bottom of the monitor. Instead of the buttons most monitors feature, Huawei has installed a small slide button that will quickly bring up your menu, switch input sources and complete display settings. After a quick tap, you will be able to navigate through the OSD menu by sliding your finger, handling settings, brightness, volume and more. Huawei has designed a logical UI to easily locate and access menu items.

MateView GT

Here we have Huawei’s curved monitor, first and foremost focused on gaming. The MateView GT is a curved 21:9 ultrawide display supporting a WQHD resolution (3449×1440). It boasts excellent peak brightness (350 nits), high contrast ratio (4000:1) and vibrant, factory-calibrated colours plus HDR 10, making every gaming session vibrant and immersive.

Huawei Hits Market With New Professional And Gaming Monitors 5

The MateView GT integrates its own RGB SoundBar, with two front-firing speakers, supporting 2.0 stereo sound, helping you pick up every audio cue. The SoundBar also supports Nahimic, allowing you to connect other Nahimic devices for a more immersive gaming experience. The RGB Soundbar visualizes the volume level, supports touch control and has its own built-in dual microphone, eliminating the need for an additional microphone on your desk or headset. And of course, the RGBs are customizable, with idle patterns like Breathing and Colourful.

Into the nitty-gritty, the MateView GT has support for 165Hz refresh rate, AMD FreeSync Premium, and built-in Dark field Control (the ability to boost contrast and light up objects in darker areas) and Crosshairs (a static overlay with a crosshair that doesn’t bloom or disappear). With the smooth, tear-free animations the MateView GT promises, you’ll be able to hunt your enemies down flawlessly, and your desk will look good while you do it. 

Huawei Hits Market With New Professional And Gaming Monitors

Clearly, the MateView GT was made for gaming, but it’s ultrawide display can hold multiple windows, making it excellent for the transition from play to work. The adjustable stand allows for versatility and comfort and the settings can be changed easily using the five-way joystick under the bottom bezel.

Huawei is bringing big things to Canada. With gaming in mind, the MateView monitor series proves to be big competition for current models out there and we at CGM can’t wait to check them out.

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