HyperX Goes All In Supporting Content Creators With The Exciting ‘Streamer Starter Pack’

| October 18, 2021
HyperX Goes All In Supporting Content Creators With The Exciting 'Streamer Starter Pack' 1

The HyperX Streamer Starter Pack shows the company’s willingness to go the extra mile to help aspiring content creators get a leg up in the industry.

On the heels of signing TikTok sensation Bella Poarch to be a HyperX brand ambassador, HyperX ups its game literally by releasing a streamer-friendly peripheral starter bundle.

The Streamer Starter Pack introduces players to a peripheral bag that anyone can use to either get started or continue their streaming journey in a tight little bundle. The bundle includes the HyperX SoloCastTMUSB microphone and Cloud Core gaming headset with DTS Headphone: X1 Spatial Audio giving streamers a huge boost in quality gear.

Hyperx Goes All In Supporting Content Creators With The Exciting 'Streamer Starter Pack' 3
HyperX peripheral bundle

The bundle is exclusive to BestBuy, so fans will have to slide over to their nearest location to snag these peripherals up. The HyperX PC Audio Business Manager, Nate Almond said “HyperX is always looking for new ways to deliver an amazing user experience. We are proud to present a streaming bundle worthy of the next viral tweet or post from streamers looking for a convenient way to start creating content,” in regards to the exciting new bundle.

Almond also stated “Becoming a streamer has never been easier, and the HyperX SoloCast microphone and Cloud Core gaming headset are a great combination to set up any streamer for success,” in a huge show of support for streamers by the HyperX brand.

The SoloCast USB microphone is friendly to all technologically impaired gamers, as its easy Plug N Play setup requires no lengthy installation. The microphone helps the user ease into the tech by allowing it to swivel in front of the player, giving the best audio quality. It works to utilize the player’s vocal patterns that are stationed right in front of the mic, reducing feedback and background noise.

The Cloud Core headset offers a DTS Headphone: X1 Spatial Audio which allows for higher audio quality. The two-year activation code keeps players in the game by supplying fans with clear and positional audio, giving an immersive experience. The strong aluminum construction allows the headset to live a long and solid life, with leatherette and memory foam to provide gamers with some serious comfort HyperX style.

HyperX doesn’t stop there, BestBuy also received exclusivity to the Cloud Alpha blackout edition. Cloud Alpha boasts hours upon hours of game time, while minimalizing discomfort for those truly intense long streams.

Zoom In On Alt View Zoom 12. Hyperx - Cloud Alpha Pro Wired Stereo Gaming Headset, For Pc, Ps4, Xbox One - Blackout - Black.

It is worth noting that both headsets are wired, so they assure the user of a very direct play session, but that also means the headset has to be attached to the controller for functionality.

All of the peripherals are available to purchase now from BestBuy at the following links:

Notably, the Solocast headset is not available for separate purchase.

To find out more information aspiring streamers can visit the HyperX website.

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