Immerse Gamepack Version 2.0 Enhances Your FFXIV Experience

Immerse Gamepack Version 2.0 Enhances Your FFXIV Experience

The Immerse Gamepack FFXIV Edition, official audio-enhancement tool for the popular MMORPG, has released a new version alongside patch 6.4.

It’s update day for Final Fantasy XIV, as patch 6.4 infuses a fresh batch of content for the Endwalker post-campaign scenario. However, it’s also a big day for users of the Immerse Gamepack FFXIV Edition, who can access a new and improved version of the add-on.

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The Immerse Gamepack is an official add-on for Final Fantasy XIV, developed by Embody in conjunction with Square Enix’s Creative Business Unit 3, the MMORPG’s developers (and also the team behind the hotly-anticipated Final Fantasy XVI). This tool adds fully integrated 360-degree Spatial Audio to the PC version for enhanced clarity, separating the sources of certain sound effects. For a one-time fee, FFXIV players have been able to upgrade their presentation in a manner akin to the PlayStation 5’s 3D Audio.

Today’s Version 2.0 Update improves upon the existing foundation. The Immerse Gamepack’s Environmental Sound Library has been updated to make environmental sounds clearer for better overall ambience. Its Personalized HRTF AI Algorithm—short for Head Related Transfer Function, the way our ears receive sounds—has been updated for better height perception, smoother sound transitions, and overall sound quality. Since HRTF is affected by the shape of an individual’s ear (and even other aspects of their physical build), the setup process has been revamped to better measure and apply your personal settings. Lastly, users now have the ability to transfer their registration to other devices as needed.

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To celebrate the Version 2.0 update, Immerse Gamepack Final Fantasy XIV Edition will be on sale for 30% off, starting today with the launch of patch 6.4 until June 21. If you’re curious but undecided if Embody’s official tool is right for you, its free trial period has been extended from 14 to 30 days. All users—even those who have used a free trial previously—will be able to take part and experience Version 2.0’s improvements.

I recently checked out this add-on for the first time myself, and found the setup to be remarkably simple. Its integration in FFXIV‘s client works seamlessly, and with a few quick tweaks (and a brief, awkward session of trying to correctly photograph my own ear with my phone’s selfie camera) I was experiencing the MMORPG’s audio in a whole new way.

Stay tuned to CGMagazine for further impressions of Immerse Gamepack Final Fantasy XIV Edition’s Version 2.0 update as patch day continues.

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