Indie Houses Direct Showcase Set for August 31st

The Indie Houses Direct Showcase Set for August 31st

The summer of game showcases is far from over as Indie Houses is putting on its own direct on August 31st which is set to showcase 34 game reveals and more.

The digital showcase will start at 1 PM ET on August 31st and will be one hour long. The direct will co-stream on multiple streaming platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, and Steam. If anyone is interested in the direct can’t watch live no worries as the broadcast will be available afterwards on-demand via YouTube. The event is set to showcase PC, console, and mobile games from the indie label’s founding members.

For anyone unaware Indie Houses is a label made of seven publishers which includes Akupara Games (Grime), Fellow Traveller (Paradise Killer), Neon Doctrine (Vigil), Raw Fury (Call of the Sea), Those Awesome Guys (Move or Die), Toge Productions (Coffee Talk), and Whitethorn Games (Calico). The Indie Houses Direct is set to kick off the indie label’s week-long Steam event. PC players through Steam will have the opportunity to pick up over 100 discounted games for the label’s catalogue, check out live broadcasts from dev teams and play through over 40 demos from August 31st through September 7th.

To get an idea of what will be revealed at Indie Houses Direct, below are some highlights coming from the seven publishers:

  • Akupara Games:
    • Announcing a new game as publisher
    • Surprise game launch during the event
  • Fellow Traveller:
    • Revealing a brand-new game in partnership with Silverstring media
    • What’s next for Suzerain and No Longer Home
    • Announcing a new signing to the label
  • Neon Doctrine:
    • Release date for Legend of Tianding
    • New title Devilated announcement
  • Raw Fury:
    • What’s next for Kingdom Two Crowns
    • Townscaper mobile news
  • Toge Productions:
    • Unveiling a new game published by Toge Productions
    • Dropping news on the sequel to one of their biggest titles
  • Whitethorn Games:
    • New trailers and demos showing off more upcoming games
    • Exciting news for Teacup
    • Launch day for Lake

To recap, Indie Houses Direct is happening live on August 31st starting at 1 PM ET. It will be streamed on YouTube, Twitch, and Steam. The direct featuring 34 game reveals will kick off Indie Houses’ week-long Steam event which will feature over 100 discounted games, over 40 playable demos and more.

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