Intel Reveals Details on its First 12th Gen Core CPU

Intel Reveals Details on its First 12th Gen Core CPU 3

Intel has revealed details on its 12th Gen Core processor product line which will be led by its flagship product, the i9-12900K CPU which the company claims is the “world’s best gaming processor.”

The upcoming processor family will include “new performance hybrid architecture delivers leaps in multi-threaded performance, enabling up to 2 times faster content creation compared to the prior generation.” In addition, six desktop processors have launched today which Intel says will lead the industry with the transition to DDR5 memory and PCIe 5.0 connectivity to enhance gaming and creator experiences.

The Alder Lake chips will allow users to max turbo boost the processor up to 5.2 GHz and as many as 16 cores and 24 threads. Intel says the CPU is the first processor in the industry to offer DDR5 memory for up to 4800MT/s. In addition, the 12th Gen Core chip includes up to 30MB Smart Cache (L3) and 14MB L2 cache for increased memory capacity with reduced latency.

Intel Reveals Details On Its First 12Th Gen Core Cpu

“The performance hybrid architecture of 12th Gen Intel Core processors is an architectural shift made possible by close co-engineering of software and hardware that will deliver new levels of leadership performance for generations,” Intel executive vice president, Gregory Bryant said in a statement.

.“This begins with the arrival of our flagship Core i9-12900K – the world’s best gaming processor – and you will see even more incredible experiences as we ship the rest of the 12th Gen family and beyond.”

The 12th generation Intel CPU will also come with many improvements for gamers, creators and regular PC users alike:

  • Game Frame Rate Improvements:
    • 25% more FPS on Troy: A Total War Saga
    • up to 28% more FPS on Hitman 3
    • up to 23% more FPS on Far Cry 6
  • Content Creation Improvements:
    • Up to 36% faster photo editing performance
    • Up to 32% faster video editing performance
    • Up to 37% faster 3D modeling performance
    • Up to 100% faster multi-frame rendering
  • Enhanced by Intel Killer Wi-Fi 6E for up to 75% less latency while gaming when multitasking, high-frequency P-cores paired with E-cores for offloading parallel tasks enable up to 84% more frames per second for simultaneous gaming, streaming, and recording
Intel Reveals Details On Its First 12Th Gen Core Cpu

“We’re at the beginning of a new era for the PC led by the introduction of Windows 11,” said Panos Panay, executive vice president and chief product officer, Microsoft. “With Windows 11 and Intel’s new Thread Director technology, users will see their PC performance reach new heights on the new 12th Gen Intel Core family of processors.” 

The 12th Gen Intel Core desktop processors are now available to preorder with broad availability of the Alder Lake chips in more than 30 countries starting on November 4th. Intel is expecting to ship hundreds of thousands of 12th Gen Intel Core desktop “K” processors by end of the year and more than 2 million by the end of March 2022. Pricing for unlocked desktop processors will be between $264 to $589 USD.

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