Introducing PlayStation Collectible Cards

Introducing PlayStation Collectible Cards 3

PlayStation introduces PlayStation Collectible Cards! Like baseball cards, but way more fun. 

This year at PlayStation Experience in San Francisco, there will be PlayStation Collectible Cards. These cards will feature some of PlayStation’s most iconic franchises and can be traded with other fans to collect them all!

Thirty-five cards are being launched at the event and can be obtained through playing games, but they won’t reveal which games or booths you have to visit to receive a card. Apparently there is another “layer” to these cards but PlayStation isn’t coughing up any more information about it.

How nostalgic. Are trading cards still popular with people?

It’s almost time! This December 5th and 6th atPlayStation Experience in San Francisco, you’ll be surrounded by a sea of shiny new playable PlayStation games. But hidden amongst them, the panels, and all the announcements lurks a secret metagame that few of you will complete. Are you up for the challenge?

At PlayStation Experience 2015, we’re introducing PlayStation Collectible Cards — think baseball cards except with way more aliens, superheroes, mechs, and tentacles. (And there’s an actual baseball card in the mix, now that I think about it.) PlayStation Collectible Cards represent some of the coolest brands and franchises in gaming, and we hope you enjoy snatching them up as much as we enjoyed making them for you.

We’re releasing the first 35 cards of the series right here at PlayStation Experience 2015, though if you count the rare and common versions of certain cards, you will end up with 66 total. It’ll be next to impossible for anyone to collect them all, but I’m sure that won’t stop some of you from trying.

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How do you nab these cards? Simple: Go play some games. We’re not revealing which booths or events will be giving them away, but you’ll find out just by exploring the show floor (or by asking for a little help from fellow attendees). As for tracking down those rare cards, you’ll have to figure that out on your own as well. Just make sure to look in your gift bag for a free tuckbox to store your new deck in!

But there’s another, secret layer to this collectible game that we can’t reveal just yet. Let’s just say that you’ll want to poke your head in every corner of the Moscone West hall to unearth more precious collectibles. Stay tuned for more details.

Please note: All PlayStation Collectible Cards are in limited supply. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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