Kinder Surprise Toys Come to Life in Canada with Applaydu

Kinder Surprise Toys Come to Life in Canada with Applaydu

Kinder Surprise’s new app, Applaydu designed for children between the ages of four and nine is now available in Canada.

The app was developed by Gameloft and brings Kinder Surprise toys to life and opens a world of fun and discovery for families with games, stories, and opportunities for creativity and exploration. Applaydu says its app is designed to “unbranded experience and is designed to foster bonding time as parents and their children can play and discover together.”

“Kinder has always been about creating special moments of joy for parents to connect with their children and finding new ways to learn, explore and create while building lasting memories,” Kinder Marketing Director, Laura MacCarthy said in a press release.

“With a whole world of mini-games and activities to explore in Applaydu, even more surprises and special moments are in store for Canadian families with each Kinder Surprise.”

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Highlights of Kinder Suprise’s Applaydu experiences include

  • An Augmented Reality Experience – brings your children’s toys to life in the app by scanning the leaflet included in Kinder Surprise.
  • Mini-Games – help your children build skills such as organization, memory, rhythm, and motor skills, and teaches them information about subjects such as math, geography and music.
  • “Craft Your Story” – helps your kids learn sounds and vocabulary. Each crafted story becomes a personalized book that is stored in their library.
  • Unlockable “Gifts” – includes animated 3D characters, avatar costumes, and personalized adventure books, are awarded for completing achievements and experiences within the app
  • Customizable Avatars – allow your children to portray their favourite animals and characters
  • Parental Controls – including a pin-protected feature through which parents can follow their children’s development and progress with detailed activity reports

“Kids are spending more time online, and although it is important to limit that, spending some online time with them makes a difference. Applaydu invites parents to engage with their kids through online educational mini-games, stories, music, and math. ,” Parenting Expert and Connected Parenting founder, Jennifer Kolari said in a press release.

“This platform helps children build skills and allows parents to connect with their children during the time they spend online. It creates warm, wonderful memories, learning, and a whole lot of fun.”

You can check out Applaydu by downloading it through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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