Kings of the Castle Drops on Apple Arcade

| Jan 17, 2020
Kings of the Castle Drops on Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade delivered a strong series of games for 2019, now in , Apple is coming out strong with more games, including Kings of the Castle.

Developed by Frosty Pop out of Victoria BC, Kings of the Castle is an game that tasks you to play as the princess to save Prince Rupert, who has been locked away by the dragon Zantorian. Using you cunning, speed and sense of direction you must avoid traps, battle enemies and collect gems to eventually pay the ransom, and free the Prince.

“The initial impetus for the game itself is a theme I often go back to in my game designs: how to re-create many of the playful analogue experiences of my childhood in a digital form.” Explained Faisal Sethi, founder and partner, Frosty Pop “One of the games we played was simply a race to the top of a hill on our school play ground. The first one who got to the top ‘won’ and was crowned ‘Kings of the Castle’. This is a pretty common trope / basic challenge for any kid and their friends and , even in this day and age. I’ll race you to the end of the block, or the first one to that tree over there wins, is something that pretty much any one, any where, at any time, can relate to.”

King Of The Castle Drops On Apple Arcade 1
King of the Castle – Frosty Pop

Developed Frosty Pop, Kings of the Castle is their fifth game on Apple Arcade, joining Don’t Bug Me, Big Time Sports, The Pinball Wizard and The Get Out Kids. The game was the work of a five-person team. Design was created by Mercedes Crespo, also known as Yema Yema who is based in Marietta, GA, USA and originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador.

is exciting to see such diverse concepts entering the Apple Arcade, giving unique and visionary games a chance in a market where they could be lost. It will be interesting to see how Apple Arcade evolves moving into 2020, but if Kings of the Castle is any indication, it will be an interesting, and fun year for the service. Apple Arcade currently costs $5.99 and can be shared with up to five members, it also has a one month trial should you want to dive in and see what all the fuss is about, or just want to give saving Prince Rupert a try.

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