Kirby Fighters 2 Surprise Released for Nintendo Switch

Kirby Smashes Again in New Sequel

Kirby Fighters 2 Surprise Released for Nintendo Switch 1

Nintendo has surprise-released Kirby Fighters 2, the sequel for the titular pink character’s own fighting game with characters based on each of his powers.

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In both a reveal and launch trailer, the game shows a familiar, if not smashing appeal for fast-paced button-mashing combat. This becomes more interesting through featuring each of Kirby’s abilities, including his iconic Sword, Water, Staff Fire or YoYo forms among others.

Though players can duke it out with others and AI through its main Battle Mode, Kirby Fighters 2 comes with a Story Mode which features a variety of enemies across platforming sections. The in-game menu also showed an Online Mode, Local Play mode among Nintendo Switch consoles and a One-Handed Mode which likely uses one Joy Con for playing the entire game.

It’s worth noting Kirby Fighters 2 is built as a full game and a sequel to a minigame featured in Kirby: Triple Deluxe which was a serving of smaller, self-contained titles. This also continues off Triple Deluxe, released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2014.

Kirby Fighters 2 is available now for the Nintendo Switch digitally over its eShop for $19.99 CAD.

Clement Goh
Clement Goh

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