LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System Launches on August 1, 2020

| Jul 24, 2020
LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System Launches on August 1, 2020

LEGO is releasing a full 1:1-scale replica of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) that players can build, in a tribute that pays respects to the 1985 console which gave birth to franchises such as Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda.

In a trailer, Lead LEGO Group Designer Jonathan Bennik revealed the plastic system ahead of its 37th anniversary. It’s also worth noting that no electricity or WiFi is needed to power the upcoming console, which is completely made of grey and white bricks.

The console features moving parts familiar to NES owners, while fake players can even plug in a controller and insert LEGO game cartridges. For ultimate nostalgia-factor, the LEGO NES even comes with a buildable box TV which features a side-scrolling Mario (through an existing Super Mario toy line).

A crank beside the TV lets players guide Mario through a section of World 1-1, while familiar game sounds can ring if owners use parts from another LEGO Super Mario Starter Course set.

As a collector’s item, the NES will be coming to online retailers and local stores on August 1, 2020 at $299.99 CAD. You can check out the product page on the official product page here and tune in for a “Buy” button on release.

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