Lenovo and EA Team Up for Apex Legends Global Series

Lenovo and EA Team Up for Apex Legends Global Series

Apex Legends — since its launch in 2019 — has quickly become one of the most played games worldwide. With a player base surpassing 70 million, it is no wonder the title is garnering attention and praise from its audience and the industry. To this end, Lenovo, one of the biggest PC makers in the world, and EA are joining forces for the Apex Legends Global Series.

Starting on March 13th, 2020, the Apex Legends Global Series will feature Lenovo Legion monitors as the exclusive monitors of the tournament. It will also include Lenovo Legion T730, a beast of a PC that is built with a 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i7, overclocked 9700K processors, and supercharged NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX™ 2070 Super GPUs all optimally cooled via Lenovo Coldfront 2.0 with Liquid Cooling. The Lenovo Legion Y25 Monitor will give players a top-tier gaming monitor, offering 144Hz refresh, ensuring players don’t miss a second of the action on screen. 

For anyone looking to be a part of these tournaments, jumping into games online will give a shot at the Apex Legends Global Series. As you rise through the ranks, from local challenges, you will have more chances to show your skills on a global stage, with the world watching. With Apex Legends being free to play and able to run on a range of hardware, even if you don’t have the most powerful machine, you have a shot at making a name for yourself. 

“We’ll have our Lenovo Legion T730 Tower desktops, along with Lenovo Legion Y740 and Y540 laptops avalable for the broadcasters.” Explained Matt Bereda, Vice President of global consumer marketing at Lenovo. “We will also have demo areas outside of competition, where those people coming to the event will be able to experience the same thing that the players are. Actually be able to look, touch, and be able to work with those same devices.”

In addition to providing the Lenovo Legion Y25 Monitor, and the Lenovo Legion T730 desktop, Lenovo and EA will also be providing the casters with Lenovo Legion laptops they can use during the event and will have demo areas for any spectators to test out and give the Legion brand a look first hand. 

“Well, you know, with Lenovo Legion, our whole mantra that we’re about is stylish on the outside savage on the inside.” Matt Bereda further elaborated “I mean, that is a core tenet that we want all of our Lenovo Legion devices to be built around and Apex legends, we feel like fits very well into that. It opens a doorway for Lenovo to be able to engage with the community on their passion points. Lenovo is number one in the gaming space and we want to continue to build on that. And the way you do that is by engaging with your communities and in deeper and richer ways.”

“The Apex Legends Global Series majors are a large scale live competitions with 100 teams competing in support of that.” explained John Nelson, Apex Legends Competitive Gaming Commissioner ”Lenovo is powering those majors with more than 200 desktops and monitors. So, you know the player on site will get to sit behind the wheel of these amazing machines and the spectators both in the room and at home will be able to see that equipment on site the players are using”

John Nelson continued, outlining that “we’re not interested in just doing a logo slap type of partnership. This is a truly integrated partnership for the global series and we are just really excited to show everyone this March at the esports Stadium, Arlington. What we’re bringing to the table”

For anyone looking to be a part of the action, or just want to watch the Apex Legends Global Series live or online, the event goes from March 13-15, 2020 in Arlington, Texas. To find out more information about Apex Legends, or the Apex Legends Global Series, you can head to playapex.com/algs for all news, updates, and links to where you can get involved. 

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