Life is Strange: True Colors Releases 13-Minute Trailer

Life is Strange: True Colors Releases 13-Minute Trailer

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Life is Strange: True Colors, Square Enix has released its first official gameplay trailer—which is 13 minutes long.

The gameplay marketing short film showcases the series’ new protagonist, Alex Chen exploring the record store while waiting for her brother, Gabe. Our new hero recently moved to a new town and runs into her two potential romance options, Steph and Ryan. Both characters are really into music as Steph helps run the local radio station, while Ryan is a ranger who really likes listening to bird sounds on CD; the nerdiest thing that Alex has ever heard.

Through their interaction, it’s really hammered home that Life is Strange: True Colors is a major technical upgrade from the original Life is Strange. Graphically, the game looks obviously astonishing, but there are low-key additions that are very welcome, like subtle facial expressions and matching lip sync.

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Another comparison is each of the game’s protagonists, this is no disrespect to Max, but Alex feels much more like a confident and cool character than Max. She comes off as a teen that’s kinda hip to what’s going on around her and honestly someone that’s cool to be around, bond with or just play as.

The trailer doesn’t showcase Alex’s empathy powers that much as it mostly focuses on character interaction, dialogue, small-scale choices and a little flirting. Music references like Smash Mouth and Celine Dion are also mentioned, so if you’re a fan that’s something to look out for come September.

Life is Strange: True Colors was initially revealed at Square Enix Presents back in May. It’s being developed by a newcomer to the series, Deck Nine Games. which has been working on the game since 2017. Alex has the power of empathy, which allows her to uncover the truth. Her powers help as she tries to find the reason behind the death of her estranged brother, Gabe, who died in a mysterious accident.

Life is Strange: True Colors is set to release on September 10th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Stadia. It’s also coming to Nintendo Switch but was delayed to sometime later in the year. The Life Is Strange Remastered Collection, which is included with Life is Strange: True Colors Deluxe Edition was slated for September, has been delayed to early 2022.

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