Mafia Definitive Edition Was Remade Where Necessary: Hangar 13

New Mafia Demo Showcases Gunplay & Cinema

Mafia Definitive Edition Was Remade Where Necessary: Hangar 13

Mafia Definitive Edition received an official gameplay reveal ahead of its September 2020 launch and showed off its gameplay refinements around a current gen makeover.

Developed by Hangar 13, it’s built around the original Mafia game released in 2002 as a third-person action adventure game. Its early 1930s backdrop was also the grounds for players to become a fixer under one of the most powerful crime families in fictional Lost Heaven.

The remake is made “from the ground-up” be developers, while the entire open world was overhauled in a style similar to Mafia III. Characters and NPCs are no longer as robotic as they looked from the original Mafia game in 2002. The cutscenes were also fully motion-captured by actors while its dialogue was updated for dramatic flair and cohesiveness. The story stays the same as its original, with a few tweaks to the setting as Mafia spans over a few decades. The game will also feature scripted moments which enhances some of Mafia‘s familiar missions.

Hangar 13’s latest gameplay video takes viewers into a typical mission, with players searching for character Sam at an eerie farm. As an added bonus, each level is also rich with collectibles and easter eggs players can find. Players will also feel less alone, with Tommy’s crew accompanying him more often through the power of current consoles.

Right away, the level shows off a remade third-person combat. Players can expect Mafia Definitive Edition to work on modern controls, including over-the-shoulder aiming and a cover system. Certain spots can also crumble with enemy gunfire, forcing players to move around and flank. The radar will also reveal hard-to-spot goons hiding in open areas. Hangar 13 mentioned its main character isn’t as combat-ready as veteran Lincoln Clay, requiring players to be creative if they become boxed-in by thugs. Blind-fire has been added in too, letting players keep their enemies under as they push up.

Players also have access to a vintage arsenal, including the beefy Tommy Gun which returns to shred enemies at mid-range. The pistol and revolver can be picked up from enemies for headshots, while a shotgun can land heavy hits mid-range and up close.The bullets will also be heard with a soundtrack that adds tension and deepens the cinematic experience. The music can also up the tension for chase scenes, including a shown sequence with Tommy warding off police cars on the road.

Mafia Definitive Edition will be released as a full remake of the 2002 classic on September 25, 2020 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It’s also one of three re-releases from Hangar 13, with Mafia II and Mafia III coming as enhanced remasters.

Clement Goh
Clement Goh

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