Mario Kart Tour Unleashes Animal Tour November 15

mario kart tour makes haste to its next animal tour on november 15 038866

Out with the old and in with the new, Mario Kart Tour is wasting no time in moving forward with the next Animal Tour event launching on November 15.

According to the beloved Nintendo racing franchise’s mobile entry, Autumn is over, well at least their Autumn Tour series, and the best way to end something is to start something else. Nintendo has presented on their official Mario Kart Tour Twitter account today, that the next racing event in the Tour universe will be the Animal Tour, which of course features animals and inspired stages. This includes the return of fan-favourite Mario Kart: Double Dash!! track, DK Mountain. The trailer and tweet with the next tour information can be seen below.

The trailer features favourite Mario series characters cosplaying, with Super Mario 3D World‘s signature catsuit on almost every character. Considering Donkey Kong is already dressed for the occasion by default, a clip of the 8-bit Donkey Kong Jr. is shown in what appears to be a golden Rambi kart ripped straight from the Donkey Kong Country series. Even Meow-ser, the final boss form in 3D World, is torn from a failed Cats audition, and thrown into the fray.

Mario Kart Tour Makes Haste To Its Next Animal Tour On November 15 018061

Besides the kart inclusions and returning tracks, Mario Kart Tour still has one more trick up its sleeve in the form of a brand-new wave of Mii character suits. Wave 19 of the available Mii racing suits will also be made available, including a Moo Moo Mii racing suit (after the Moo Moo Meadows track) given a special spotlight, while the others in the new wave were shown very briefly.

Mario Kart Tour‘s new Animal Tour begins on November 15, including the new Mii racing suits and most importantly the new track. Fans can shoot over to Nintendo’s official Tour Twitter for more information and to stay in the loop.

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