Mario Tennis Aces is Free for One Week for Nintendo Switch Online Members

Mario Tennis Aces is Free for One Week for Nintendo Switch Online Members 2

Mario Tennis Aces will be free to download for all Nintendo Switch Online members for one week, Nintendo announced today. The game will be made available through the Switch’s new Game Trials system in the eShop from August 7 through 13.

During and shortly after the one-week promotion, Nintendo Switch Online members will be able to purchase Mario Tennis Aces for 33% off and carry over their progress from the free trial. Game Trials is a new system which seems to be Nintendo’s answer to similar services from competitors, like Microsoft’s Xbox Games with Gold and Sony’s monthly lineup of free PlayStation Plus games. However, unlike these monthly offers, Nintendo is only offering one week of free play, instead of letting subscribers keep the game indefinitely. (A Nintendo Switch Online yearly subscription costs $20 US, while Xbox Gold and PlayStation Plus both cost $59.99.)

Last year, we gave Mario Tennis Aces a 6/10. From our review of the game:

[T]he core gameplay of Mario Tennis Aces is great…Simple enough for anyone to play, with enough depth to be fun…Overall, Mario Tennis Aces just feels lacking in ever sense of the world. Lacking real tennis rules, basic quality of life options, series staple characters, and really any personality at all.

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