Mass Effect 3 ending rewritten in 400 pages

Mass Effect 3 ending rewritten in 400 pages 1

Like many fans of the Mass Effect series, Gerry Pugliese was a little disheartened to find out Commander Shepard’s final decision in Mass Effect 3 ultimately came down to choosing one of three colours, so he decided to rework it through a 400 page rewrite.

Calling it Mass Effect 3: Vindication, Pugliese describes the project as a fan “revision and blueprint for fixing Mass Effect 3.” The revision includes additional characters, a variety of romance options, and new missions. They’re combined with revised plot points, including ten new ending scenarios, some that go ‘they lived happily ever after,’ others that describe Shepard succumbing to the Reapers’ power and turning him, and some of his companions, evil. Hopefully one of these endings also include Shepard obliterating the Prophet who tried to tell him what to do.

Despite the tongue lashing Bioware received because Mass Effect 3’s underwhelming ending – massive plot holes, and a complete disregard for the implementation of the choices you’ve made up to that point can anger fans quickly – it has emphasized the passion many people have towards the Mass Effect series, and even showcased the creative talent many of these fans possess.

You can read all of Vindication below, or download it hereMass Effect 3 was released in March, 2012, and up until the end of 2013, has sold nearly 3 million copies. BioWare is actively developing the next game in the franchise.

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