Mech_Con 2017 Tickets Have Gone Live for Purchase

Mech_Con 2017 Tickets Have Gone Live for Purchase 1

Pilots and mech fans looking to go to Mech_Con this year can purchase their tickets now.

Online ticket sales for the Mech_Con 2017, home of the MechWarrior Online World Championships, have gone live today. It was also announced today by Piranha Games that fans attending Mech_Con this year will be the first to try out the upcoming entry in the MechWarrior series, MechWarrior 5: Mercenarires. This will be the game’s first public appearance since its initial announcement. The official website for Mech_Con 2017 is now live, featuring details on scheduled events as well as information on the MechWarrior Online World Championship.

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Mech_Con is a special one day event which is dedicated to celebrating the Mech titles, Battletech and MechWarrior. Hosted by Piranha Games, the even features the creators of the Battletech and MechWarrior series, Harebrained Schemes and Catalyst Game Labs. Scheduled events such as panels and Q&A’s, one-on-one MechWarrior Online matches and giveaways take place during Mech_Con. This year, the event will take place on December 9 at the Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel and Ballroom in Vancouver.

For those unable to attend, fans of MechWarrior Online can watch the entirety of the MechWarrior Online World Championships on Twitch. With over one thousand pilots entering, winners of the tournament will be awarded the lion’s share of a cash prize pool.

Aside from this year’s tournament, much of Mech_Con 2017 will be focused on MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries. Set to release in 2018, MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries will feature an all new single player campaign. Set in the year 3016, players will take on the role of a MechWarrior mercenary in the Third Succession War. MechWarrior 5: Mercenarires promises an immersive plot, driven by player’s choices. The game is currently being developed by a separate team at Piranha Games, using Unreal Engine 4. MechWarrior Onlne’s live development will be continued by the same team behind the game.

Tickets for Mech_Con 2017 can be purchased now at this page. More info can be found at the event’s official page.

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