Michel Ancel Hints Upcoming Beyond Good & Evil Game on Instagram

| September 27, 2016
Michel Ancel Hints Upcoming Beyond Good & Evil Game on Instagram 1

2003’s Beyond Good & Evil is one of those many games that consistently ranks in top 10 lists for video game sequels. Over the years, a variety of rumours have fizzled in and out, including a suggestion earlier this year that Nintendo might be bringing the new Beyond Good & Evil to the Nintendo NX, under the name Beyond Good & Evil: The Prejudices of Philosophers. But besides a remaster launched in 2011, very few series updates have been provided for fans. Until today, of course, when Ancel posted a brand new teaser image on Instagram promoted by Buzzoid.

“Somewhere in system 4 …,” Ancel wrote. “Thanks #ubisoft for making this possible !” Alongside the caption is a picture of a pig in a hoodie on top of a mechanic with long black hair and a shaggy beard. System 4, of course, is the setting of the original Beyond Good & Evil. So the possibility that Ancel is specifically talking about a brand new Beyond Good & Evil title with Ubisoft is, well, practically a guaranteed.

Michel Ancel Hints Upcoming Beyond Good &Amp; Evil Game On Instagram 1

Suffice to say, fans are ecstatic, with many speculating that the black-haired mechanic is Jade’s father, and the piglet shown in the image is her guardian figure Pey’j. If so, then Michel Ancel’s upcoming Beyond Good & Evil may, in fact, feature an origin story explaining Jade’s backstory, her status as an orphan or even the emergence of the game’s antagonist, the DomZ.

Either way, despite the hype surrounding the image release, more has yet to be revealed by Ubisoft. But it’s safe to say that the new Beyond Good & Evil is in good hands with Michel Ancel. With any luck, his direction will let the sequel follow in the footsteps of what made the original game so amazing 13 years ago. Stay tuned for more news developments over the next few months, especially as the Nintendo NX’s launch draws closer.

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