No Micro Transactions for Just Cause 3

| November 12, 2014
No Micro Transactions for Just Cause 3

Avalanche Studios has officially announced that they are working on Just Cause 3. The third iteration of the series was the cover story for GameInformer’s December issue. GameInformer released a number of screenshots for the game and some had players worried because they seemed to hint that the game would be utilizing micro transactions.

The co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Avalanche, Christofer Sundberg, has since released a statement clarifying that the game will not have micro transactions, will not be free to play and will be a full retail release.

He stated that the screenshots were taken from an “ancient version,” of the game and that the team had explored different control schemes, technologies and business models, like with most games.

Sundberg also stated that the company would likely be looking into adding additional content through DLC after the game is finished, but until then they are focused on making “the best Just Cause game we possibly can.”

The game reveal, the fan apprehension over the micro transactions and the resulting clarification from Avalanche, all occurred within about 24 hours, which goes to show just how abhorred this particular form of monetization is, and how quickly developers want to distance themselves from those rumors.

Just Cause 3 is expected to be released in 2015 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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