Microsoft Promises To Keep Call of Duty On PlayStation For As Long As The Platform Exists

microsoft promises to keep call of duty on playstation for as long as the platform exists 909686

Xbox head Phil Spencer has made Microsoft’s clearest promise yet around the future for Call of Duty on PlayStation consoles.

Speaking to the Same Brain Youtube channel, Spencer promised to continue making COD games for Sony’s console “as long as there’s a PlayStation out there to ship to”. As far as the UK’s competition regulator is concerned, the future of COD games on PlayStation consoles has become a contentious issue, so this is an important statement, and should revive some sticking points.

Microsoft has repeatedly stated that they will continue to release Call of Duty games for at least the foreseeable future. However, the company has been criticized for not making clear whether their current agreement with Activision Blizzard will be renewed after its expiration date.

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Spencer details his thoughts on the situation by saying, “We’re not taking Call of Duty from PlayStation… That’s not our intent,” Spencer said. “Our intent is not to do that and as long as there’s a PlayStation out there to ship to, our intent is that we’ll continue to ship Call of Duty on PlayStation—similar to what we’ve done with Minecraft since we owned that.”

Going on to explain, “We’ve expanded the places where people can play Minecraft, we haven’t reduced the places. And it’s been good, it’s been good for the Minecraft community—in my opinion—and we want to do the same when we think where Call of Duty can go over the years.”

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Microsoft also claims that removing COD from PlayStation would be bad for its business because it would hurt its bottom line. With this latest move, it is making it clear, the Activision Blizzard merger would not change how gamers enjoy Call of Duty.

The latest iteration, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, hit consoles and PC October 28th, 2022, obtaining serviceable reviews from critics and fans.

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