Microsoft Limits Xbox Services as Business Tools Spike Amid COVID-19

| Mar 30, 2020
Microsoft Limits Xbox Services as Business Tools Spike Amid COVID-19 1

A report by The Verge shows Microsoft’s tools such as Windows Virtual Desktop and Microsoft Teams have seen a 775 percent increase as companies switch to remote work in the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the company, this also included more activity with the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live services which added weight to cloud servers.

To limit the overload, Xbox stated on their support page it was limiting smaller features such as uploading custom gamepics and club graphics. Despite the changes, the company continued assuring players the online Live activities would keep their normal speeds. Its first party studios are also working with Microsoft to address increased player counts for online games.

“As people look to gaming for social connection, we’re seeing record numbers across Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live and Mixer,” the front support notification wrote before listing the mentioned changes. All of these go towards allocating business solutions implemented for offices worldwide for staff working from home, including studios such as Ubisoft, Electronic Arts and recently Kojima Productions.

Players with their current pictures can still keep them while those looking for slight makeovers can use the pre-made headers and avatar portraits from default options.

Xbox is the latest company to address increased internet activity after PlayStation announced they were limiting download speeds for Europe and U.S. players.

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