Minecraft and Power Rangers Team up With New DLC

| March 28, 2017
Minecraft and Power Rangers Team up With New DLC 2

If there’s one thing kids love, it’s Minecraft. If most had to pick a second, Power Rangers could take that spot easily. So it shouldn’t come a shock that, with the recent success of the new Power Rangers movie, those two entities are teaming up with “The Power Rangers Skin Pack.”

This new pack is available for Minecraft: Console Edition, Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition, and Minecraft: Pocket Edition today for $2.99 CAD. Players can check out skins of the original Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Megazord, Goldar, Rita, Lord Z and the original crew including the Green Ranger.  It’s a nice bit of fan service, though it’s interesting to see the nothing from the new Power Rangers movie. Along with this, players can also get their hands on “The Mini Game Masters Skin Pack” for Minecraft: Console Edition for $1.99 CAD.

Minecraft And Power Rangers Team Up With New Dlc 2

Power Rangers hit theatres last week, with a weekend box office of over $40 million. Phil Brown reviewed the latest mighty morphing movie giving it a 6 out of 10 praising it for its fun, while criticizing the movie for a plethora of flaws stating “well, this is probably the best Power Rangers movie that could exist, which isn’t necessarily a compliment.”

This is the latest bit of DLC for the insanely popular Minecraft. Yesterday, Mojang announced the Glide Mini-Game pack which releases today. This pack includes a “Time attack Mode,” and a “Score Attack Mode.” That update also raises the limit of people able to play at once to sixteen.

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