Aliens: Colonial Marines On The Wii U

| Jun 8, 2011
Aliens: Colonial Marines On The Wii U

We’re in the pipe; five by five.

Kotaku sat down with none other than Randy Pitchford of Gearbox Software to talk about the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines game. More specifically, they asked about the newly confirmed Wii U incarnation. Pitchford elaborated with new details, such as the ability to play the game completely on the controller’s screen while someone else watched television, a feature already demonstrated at the Nintendo press conference. However, in full mode, with the game being played properly on a television, the controller’s screen can, at times, act as the infamous motion detector used in James Cameron’s sci-fi, military action film. The screen can also double as an interactive map, similar to the sort that Hudson used in Aliens while trying to locate colonists and go over possible vulnerabilities when they were defending their compound.

At this point however, the game is still in the prototyping stage and is not in full on development.

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