Modiphius and Paradox Collide to Bring Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition

Wider Audiences Than Ever

Modiphius and Paradox Collide to Bring Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition 1

In the world of tabletop games, reaching broader audiences is key, and as new tactics are implemented, changes to their respective teams are needed. Today, Paradox Interactive has finally welcomed some much needed help, opening wider doors for its V5 product lineup.

The long-running Vampire series of roleplaying tabletop games – created by WhiteWolf, and owned by Paradox – has gained its notoriety throughout the years for delivering excellence through its dark, yet deeply engaging plots, but with the series reaching broader audiences, its need for a change of management has reached prime time.

Enter Modiphius Entertainment, well-regarded British publisher and retailer for roleplaying games, novels and other game merchandise. In 2017, Modiphius gained notoriety for signing a distribution deal with White Wolf Entertainment, and as of today, gaining overseen management Paradox’s Vampire project, gaining both publishing and licensing rights for V5 tabletop roleplaying games.

According to Modiphius’ own website, “Modiphius will be responsible for guiding the plot development running throughout V5 tabletop roleplaying products and ensuring each product is fully approved by both the White Wolf brand team within Paradox, and also with Modiphius own team of V5 experts.”

With the merging, Modiphius has planned to sell a slew of new exciting releases in the hopes of gathering new and old players alike including The Fall of London V5 Chronicle (Summer 2019), a V5 Player Guide (Summer 2019),the V5 Starter Set (Christmas 2019) and The Second Inquisition (Summer 2020). More information about each of those products can be found on Modiphius’ website.

Paradox Interactive and Modiphius are currently on the process of merging their production teams, and products that include both of the teams’ efforts can be expected in the upcoming months.

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