Big New Monolith M1000ANC Headphones From Monoprice Are Revealed

Big New Monolith M1000ANC Headphones From Monoprice Are Revealed

The branch of Monoprice that focuses on audio, Monolith, announced the new Monolith M1000ANC headphones with Bluetooth capability at a reasonable price for an upgrade in audio.

Monoprice is a large technological developer, and with their new Monolith M1000ANC headphones, they attempt to raise the bar on quality without raising the price.

With the stylish design and long-lasting battery life, the M1000ANC aims to keep users powered up with audio quality for a promise of up to 60-hours per charge.  Monolith Business Unit Manager of Monoprice, Hobie Schrest said, “Our Monolith headphones have an excellent reputation for superb performance at unbeatable prices. These headphones are no exception,” including “As with all Monolith products, the M1000ANC headphones were engineered for excellent sound quality. Not only did we achieve that, but we also further expanded their capabilities by teaming up with Dirac to deliver an immersive and high-quality soundscape,” for the production of the new M1000ANC.

Monolith By Monoprice M1000Anc Bluetooth Headphones With Anc And Dirac Virtuo Spatializer, 60H Playtime, Memory Foam Pads, Ambient Mode, Touch Control - Main Image

With Dirac Virtual Spatial audio, Monolith attempts to go for an immersive feel, while not sacrificing any of the power delivered through the 40 mm drivers. The stylish design also delivers comfort with memory foam earpads that can be worn for long periods without fatigue. Dirac’s Head of Business Development, Streaming & Headphones, Lars Isaksson said “Dirac Virtuo turns this stereo content into a high-quality immersive sound experience with an accurate soundstage and perfected sound quality. With Dirac Virtuo, Monolith M1000ANC customers will experience an expanded soundscape that includes all spatial cues of the original stereo content–as if it were coming from a pair of high-end home speakers.”

Monolith M1000ANC Features

  • Bluetooth 5 connectivity, allows M1000ANC to connect to a wealth of devices compatible wirelessly.
  • Active noise cancellation, gives the wearer the ability to adjust the volume of their surroundings, or just completely shut it off.
  • The ability to answer calls with clear Qualcomm tech, promoting clarity and easy data transmission.
  • Huge 60-hour battery life on a full charge, with a 5-minute charge giving the user 2 hours of audio playback.
  • USB Type C port, giving users flexibility in different cable usage.

The Monolith M1000ANC is available for $129.99 now on the Monoprice website and comes with a 1-year warranty in case of any issues.

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