Monster Hunter XX Anounced for the Switch

| May 26, 2017
Monster Hunter XX Anounced for the Switch 1

Capcom has announced Monster Hunter XX will grace the Nintendo Switch in Japan.

Further details surrounding the game will be made available during the Monster Hunter Championship in Sapporo, an annual event held by Capcom.  Monster Hunter XX originally released on the Nintendo 3DS earlier this year in Japan, the game was a direct sequel of Monster Hunter Generations which released globally. Monster Hunter XX like its predecessor focused on weapon styles and skill focused gameplay, Monster Hunter XX introduced Brave Style and Alchemy Style into the mix of play styles available in the title.

The 3DS version of Monster Hunter XX is currently a Japan exclusive, the recently announced Switch port would be a good opportunity for Capcom to bring the game over globally.  The Monster Hunter franchise sells exceptionally well on Nintendo platforms, with Monster Hunter X selling 4.5 million units. Monster Hunter XX should be a great addition to the Switch’s currently small library while also utilizing the systems hybrid attributes and social aspects to the fullest.

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