Musically Inclined Can Jam Inquisition Style

| Feb 2, 2015
Dragon Age: Inquisition Trespasser DLC Coming 5

Time to get out the metronome!

Not only has BioWare made 10 of the tavern songs from Dragon Age: Inquisition available for free download on their site (only until Feb. 9), but they’ve included the sheet music for each of the songs as well.

It’s times like these I regret selling my guitar. Sometimes a little nerd-jam is all you need.

The songs have an eerie acoustic sound to them, the kind of music I find is best listened to when it seems like winter will consume the planet and never end.  They’ve got that warm, tavern-y feel for sure, but in a modern, indie sort of way.

Raney Shockne composes all but one of the songs. Inon Zur, known for writing Fallout 3’s main theme and so many Power Rangers tunes, composes I Am The One.

The site says releasing the sheet music will hopefully inspire musically inclined fans to perform their own versions of the songs and urges anyone who does to enter their Fan Celebration Contest.

After Feb. 9, the songs will be up for sale on popular digital platforms.

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