CCP Games Launch New Narrative Focused EVE Online Expansion, EVE: Uprising

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EVE Online has climbed another mountain with the latest narrative-driven expansion, EVE: Uprising

EVE Online takes place in a world where earth simply could not sustain its humans, therefore we begin to explore and unlock new worlds to combat the loss of ours. With the update, CCP Games promises us more to it, “The future of war rests in the hands of New Eden’s capsuleers with a combat-intense update to Factional Warfare.”.

The new advantage feature gives players the ability to build up propaganda structures and complete system-based activities. Having an involved faction means the greater the victory, not only that, awards will be given out near enemy territory as well as gameplay properties which affect the field of battle. 

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Pilots who wish for personalization can now add alliance and corporation emblems to decorate their ships. Players who wish to have their emblems on hulls can find Paragon Corporation agents at trade systems, use your ability to trade crafted hulls and get yourself an emblem of your choice.

Along with EVE: Uprising we were given some awesome graphic improvements. Even the 8 new ships and 8 frigates and battlecruisers –which were released last month– are promised to look better than they had previously, smoother frame-rates, improved shading and rendering across all EVE online’s assets. 

“You can admire your ships in new visually-immersive hangars within certain player-owned structures, showcasing a new level of graphical fidelity for EVE Online.” 

Another astonishing change is the game’s sound, travelling through space with pals has never felt easier with the game’s new fully localized audio, which launched today with a dedicated Spanish-language client, players can relish in fully localized audio and text across all of EVE Online.

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Bergur Finnbogason, the creative director for EVE Online says this: “The decisions that you, your friends and your rivals make, will set the course for EVE’s future. Every in-game action and reaction holds weight, contributing to a domino effect of gripping outcomes.”.

Along with that, CCP Games also promises new developments for their game with exciting new challenges, twists and threats, so keep those eyes peeled for even more tasks and exciting features coming to you in EVE Online’s future.

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