NEKO GOLF: Anime GOLF, A Popular Japan Only Smartphone Game, Is Releasing Worldwide

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The Japan-only mobile game NEKO GOLF is finally making its way around the world.

NEKO GOLF: Anime GOLF features six characters from a greatly loved anime roleplaying game, also exclusive to Japan upon its release, titled White Cat Project, which is available on the app store for free! The characters included in the game are Hero Golfer, Charlotte, Liam, Oscurol, Yukimura, and Marl.

Neko Golf: Anime Golf, A Popular Japan Only Smartphone Game, Is Releasing Worldwide

Players are able to purchase golf clubs, glasses, fanny packs, and multiple different clothing items to customize their chosen character to what fits them best. As with most games, purchasing better equipment means your gameplay will also improve. The golf clubs in the game have certain levels and statistics to keep your eye on that will help your game along.

Neko Golf: Anime Golf, A Popular Japan Only Smartphone Game, Is Releasing Worldwide

You’re able to play alone, with friends or with different players from all over the world with competitive game modes or player vs player. They even have a “Battle Mode” for those who like a challenge against other players or an “Enjoy Mode” for those who don’t like competition. There is also in-game voice chat and so many cute emotes to choose from. You can communicate with your friends in any way you’d like with this game!

There have been plenty of anime golf games over the years, but only a few that are mobile, let alone having built-in voice chat, the game’s online mode is a great way to have some fun with friends.

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At the moment, NEKO GOLF is only in Japan. However, COLOPL, the creators of the game, plan to change that. Though there isn’t a specific release date for the game, we can expect to see the drop for NEKO GOLF: Anime GOLF on iOS and Android worldwide at some point this month of October! Keep your eyes peeled for the worldwide release because it just might sneak up on you. 

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