Netflix’s Canadian Headquarters Will Officially Be In Toronto

Netflix's Canadian Headquarters Will Officially Be In Toronto

The streaming giant Netflix has finally found a home in Canada, and more specifically in the 6ix.

Netflix has finally chosen a home for its new Canadian headquarters office, and Toronto Mayor John Tory has happily announced that Toronto is it.

Toronto was already home to one of the two Canadian production studios for Netflix, but there had been deliberation for some time now as to where it will have a singular headquarters for the country. The debate was between Toronto or Vancouver, both cities with booming film and TV sectors that are often popular choices for filming within the industry.

Mayor Tory was also happy to make the announcement because of the growth Toronto will now see within the film and television industry, and also the growth in support of Canadian talent. The official City of Toronto Twitter account also commented on the announcement, saying “With the new office, Netflix will expand its commitment to working with Canadian talent. Building on the success of uniquely Canadian shows such as Schitt’s Creek, Blown Away and Anne with an E, Netflix will work with Canadian creators to bring stories from Canada to the world.”

Toronto seems to be rapidly becoming more of a hub for Canadian artists than ever before, and now with Netflix officially having a home office in the city, that trajectory is sure to climb. It’s exciting to see the city continue to grow, according to blogTO there are already 30,000 people employed through the film and TV industry. This new office will likely create thousands more, especially since Netflix plans to put more money into production this year than ever. As a Toronto native, this news has me more positive and hopeful for friends I know within the industry and for the city as a whole.

“This has been a tough year for Toronto but today’s news is one more example of our determination to help sectors get through the pandemic, to protect and grow jobs in our city, and to make sure we come back stronger than ever.”-Mayor John Tory via Twitter

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