Netflix’s Live-Action Resident Evil Series Gets First Trailer

Netflix's Live-Action Resident Evil Series Get's First Trailer

Netflix has released an official teaser trailer of its upcoming live-action Resident Evil adaptation, heading to the streaming service on July 14th with an eight-episode first season.

The series, based on Capcom’s long-running zombie survivor video game franchise, is simply known as Resident Evil with no subtitle, not like the franchise’s recently released reboot movie. The 1971 song “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony)” is playing in the background of the teaser trailer.

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Netflix’s Resident Evil kicks off with Jade Wesker alongside her sister, Billie, seemingly moving to New Racoon City for a better life, and to be closer to their father and longtime antagonist in the games, Albert Wesker, played by Lance Reddick (John Wick, Destiny 2). Reddick’s character can be seen experimenting on a rat with a possible T-virus formula, as the rat can be seen becoming more violent if the shattered glass is any indication.

The series will take place in two timelines with the first taking place in 2022 in New Racoon City and the other in 2036 in post-apocalyptic London. In the future, a grown-up Jade (Ella Balinska, Forspoken) is seen without her sister 14 years after their move, hinting that something might happen to Billie in the past timeline. Jade attempts to survive in a world overrun by zombies seemingly created by her father and the Umbrella Corporation, all while dealing with her past and mistakes.

A second trailer was posted later, showing Wesker speaking to a room full of executives on the side effects of Umbrella’s new drug, Joy, which contains the T-Virus. This second preview shows more zombies, including Lickers and an enormous worm.

Netflix'S Resident Evil Series Stars Adeline Rudolph, Siena Agudong, Lance Reddick, Paola Nuñez, Tamara Smart, And Ella Balinski.
Netflix’s Resident Evil series stars Adeline Rudolph, Siena Agudong, Lance Reddick, Paola Nuñez, Tamara Smart, and Ella Balinski. (Netflix)

Supernatural writer and executive producer, Andrew Dabb, serves as creator, producer, and writer for Netflix’s live-action Resident Evil adaptation. Alongside Reddick, the series will star Tamara Smart (Artemis Fowl) as young Jade, with Adeline Rudolph (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) and Siena Agudong (F9) playing the older and younger versions of Billie, respectively. The Netflix series will also star Paola Nuñez, Ahad Raza Mir, Connor Gossatti and Turlough Convery in undisclosed roles. As of yet, Albert Wesker is the only confirmed character from the games to appear.

Netflix’s live-action Resident Evil series is set to hit the streaming service with eight episodes on July 14th. It’s the second Resident Evil series to premiere on Netflix with the first being the CGI-animated Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

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