Resident Evil Infinite Darkness Starts Streaming in July 2021

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness To Stream in July 2021
Fans of Resident Evil are getting more content on the way for summer, as a new trailer for the Infinite Darkness CG series reveals it will drop on Netflix starting July 8. This comes less than a few months after CAPCOM released their mainline sequel Resident Evil Village. While players got to enjoy slaying werewolves, they might have also felt a void without Leon in the titular village—something CAPCOM aims to fill with the CG series.
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But the new trailer also tells more than what was originally shown since Resident Evil Infinite Darkness was first revealed last year. Set in 2006, U.S. Agent Leon S. Kennedy is reporting back at the White House since his big mission in Resident Evil 4. He reunites with Claire Redfield for the first time since the Raccoon City Incident, but quickly becomes caught in another bioterrorist attack. Both work together with other government agents to fight another outbreak ahead of a presidential decision to enforce bio-organic weapons.

The trailer dives more into its unique characters, including an army veteran experiencing nightmares who helps Leon take back the White House. Viewers will also get to meet a few new undead characters, including plague rats and a boomer-type zombie which hurls bile. These are just a few of the challenges Leon and Claire face along their mission to prevent another bioterrorist attack from an unknown entity since Umbrella’s fall.

Capcom’s latest online post reveals the same cast from Resident Evil 2 Remake will be returning as well. Starts Nick Apostolides and Stephanie Panisello voice/mo-cap Leon and Claire respectively. Ray Chase stars as new character Jason and Jona Xiao as Shen May.

Infinite Darkness takes on an episodic format for Netflix, but is actually canon to the Resident Evil universe. It’s suggested the series will be chock-full of references to the games, and the same previous CG movies (Degeneration, Damnation, Vendetta) starring Leon. As a direct sequel, the mini series is expected to be longer than the average feature length film and is produced by Hiroyuki Kobayashi.

It’s unclear if Resident Evil Infinite Darkness will be releasing all of its episodes at once, or in a weekly format exclusively on Netflix. But viewers can still stream the first episode and beyond starting July 8, 2021.

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