New Action RPG Songbringer Coming Soon

| February 16, 2017
New Action RPG Songbringer Coming Soon

A new procedurally generated action RPG titled, Songbringer is making its debut at the Game Developer Conference and PAX East.

Developed by one-man studio Wizard Fu and published by Double Eleven, Songbringer is a sci-fi insane ride featuring spaceships, drugs, parties, swords and adventure. Set in 13,000 B.C. in the milky way galaxy, Songbringer is the story of a shirtless hero named Roq. Roq is a carefree man searching for the ultimate party aboard the spaceship Songbringer. However, Roq’s carefree life is turned upside down when he accidentally awakens an ancient evil army and throws the galaxy into chaos and war. Now it’s up to Roq and his number one, robot companion, Jib to save the galaxy and party once more.

Songbringer features a complex and rich, immersive storyline filled with secrets and hidden realms. By eating the rare hallucinogenic cacti found throughout the game, the player will be able to unlock these realms and find loads of other things like hidden doors and items that can’t be seen to help them on their journey. The player will be able to explore 10 dungeons in 3/4 perspective and enter in different codes to explore over 300 million unique level combinations and environments, making no adventure the same unless players share codes with one-another.

But Songbringer’s action-adventure plot wouldn’t be complete without several unique weapons including bombs, the ghost sword projectile, a boomerang top-hat and a humming nano-sword. Songbringer even lets players play in two-person co-op mode to help each other battle crowded mobs, gigantic bosses, virus androids and a series of puzzles.

This game of millions of world combinations, nanoswords, galactic war and hallucinogenic cacti will launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam for PC, Mac and Linux this coming summer but for those who can’t wait, Songbringer will have a playable demo at the Game Developer Conference and PAX East in March.

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