New Castlevania Pachinko Features ‘Erotic Violence’

| July 30, 2015
New Castlevania Pachinko Features 'Erotic Violence'

Well your first thought might be, “what the heck is Pachinko?” Pachinko is a Japanese form of gambling. To skirt gambling laws in Japan, Pachinko Parlors offer these machines that are kind of like slot machines meets pinball as a form of gambling, however you do not win money, you win metal balls which you can trade in for money outside the Pachinko Parlor. So back to Castlevania. Konami will be offering a new Castlevania themed Pachinko machine within Pachinko Parlors. While it is not uncommon to see familiar characters offered up for Pachinko, the weird thing about this story is the term “erotic violence.” Um, ok. My guess is it will be Fifty Shades of Grey meets Castlevania. While mainstream erotica is also not uncommon in Japan, especially with the popularity of Ecchi anime series,  erotic violence is definitely not a term you hear all that often.

Konami, go back to making Silent Hills.

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