New game Aims for Historical Egyptian Accuracy

| March 3, 2016
New game Aims for Historical Egyptian Accuracy

Partnering with Egyptologists, Clarus Victoria is hoping to recreate ancient Egypt for players to lead through the ages in their new game, Egypt Civilization.

Play as the leader of the ancient civilization as you control all three capitals, Hierakonpolis, Memphis and Thebes. As the Grand Vizier, you will manage resources, build up your empire and assign workers as you recreate historical events and make monuments such as the great pyramids. You can control the political system and enhance the economy as you trade with neighbouring countries and tribes.

Egypt Civilization promises to be a historically accurate and story-driven game with tons of technologies to explore and learn. Clarus Victoria hopes that players can not only enjoy themselves as they play but also learn something about these ancient peoples. The three story campaigns have been developed with the help of Egyptologists

You can look forward to seeing more about Egypt Civilization as it nears its release date slated for this fall. It will be available on Windows and Mac.

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