New Mass Effect 3 details introduce the Heavy Melee class

| April 21, 2011

A Spanish gaming magazine has spilled a plethora of new Mass Effect information.

If the latest issue of the Spanish gaming magazine MacraPlayer (via the BioWare forums) is to be believed, then we’ve been inundated with a pile of new details for BioWare’s upcoming Mass Effect 3. The article reveals that the third chapter in the series will have a stronger focus on melee combat – there’s even a new Heavy melee class – and that Shepard will be able to punch and kick his way through a number of enemies. Combat is reportedly 10-15 percent faster than in previous Mass Effect games and will force players to jump gaps, hit cover, and utilize evasive abilities like a dodge roll in a manner that is likened to Max Payne.

The Engineer, meanwhile, now has the ability to build turrets, and damage will be more “dynamic” than it’s ever been. For instance, robots may have weak spots, and you’ll be able to chop off limbs and armor in order to deal greater damage.

The story in Mass Effect 3 will apparently span the galaxy, sending players to New York and London as well as off-world locales like Mars, the Salarian home world, and a Quarian Moon. Environments will be larger and will have more interactive elements, and BioWare will be using new lighting techniques to achieve more photorealistic effects.

Finally, while space battles are mentioned as a possibility, they are not confirmed at the moment. The vehicles from previous Mass Effect games will be absent, although the Cerberus organization will be returning and will send mechs, assault units, and “ninja-style” shock troops to take down Shepard.

And that should wrap things up for now. I have some reservations about the source, but all of the details are well within the realm of possibility and spaceship battles would definitely be a welcome addition to the franchise. Here’s hoping that we hear something directly from BioWare in the not too distant future.

Source: Eurogamer

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