Mass Effect 3 (PS3) Review

Mass Effect 3 (PS3) Review
| Mar 15, 2012

Five years and a whole of licensed products later, gamers have finally arrived at the conclusion of the first Mass Effect trilogy. What started as an experimental RPG science fiction shooter published by Microsoft in 2007 has turned into a flagship franchise for Electronic Arts with novels, comics, statuettes, action figures, social media games and even an upcoming direct to video anime. But when all is said is done, the important thing here is Mass Effect 3 is the close to one of the most beloved new series in this current console generation. It has a lot to live up to. And right up until the final, closing minutes, it does.

For fans of the series, this is the last hurrah. Characters, decisions and questions all get addressed here. The story is told with a gravity that most games strive and fail to achieve, and the characterization is, as expected, the strongest the industry has seen. As the story winds down to its desperate conclusion, all the right beats are hit, all the proper emotions are provoked and the game very nearly succeeds at being the undisputed high point for narrative this year until a…

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Mass Effect 3 (PS3) Review 2
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