New Moves and Tech for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

| March 3, 2016
New Moves and Tech for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst 1

Two new trailers and trickle of new information of the upcoming free-running game Mirror’s Edge Catalyst cropped up today.

In Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, momentum is huge component of the game, which is why some new mechanics have been implemented, such as the new Shift move that gives Faith a boost of speed in any direction and the Quickturn, which allows players to change their direction on a 90 or 180 degree angle at a moment’s notice.

The way you speed through the levels is crucial to avoid taking enemy fire. Get Faith moving long and fast enough, she’ll enter a focused flow that protects her from taking damage. As the site explains, “Use your environment, your momentum, and your physicality to fight oppression.” When in the Flow, Faith gains new and powerful attacks. Also, use light and heavy attacks to properly dispatch the many KrugerSEC thugs aiming to take you down.

New Moves And Tech For Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

While Faith is completely capable on her own to run through the city, she now has a grapple hook in the form of the Mag Rope to reach specific points in the map. Faith also has a disruptor that helps our fearless foot magician to disrupt and destroy KrugerSEC tech and AIs.

Catalyst will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 24. Check out the new footage below.

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