New trailer reveals Uncharted 3 multiplayer details

| Apr 19, 2011

The worldwide multiplayer beta kicks off on June 28.

Naughty Dog has disclosed the multiplayer details for Uncharted 3, and it looks like its going to be even better than Uncharted 2. The basic team deathmatch will be returning, but Uncharted 3 expands on that with regular death matches (8-player Free For All) and three-team 2 vs. 2 vs. 2 deathmatches in addition to the traditional 5 vs. 5. To help make things more competitive, there will also be Power Play rewards for the leading team (you’ll be able to trade cash for upgrades), and new modes like Overtime and Sudden Death to end close matches. Players will also be able to hunt for treasure in all game modes in order to unlock unique in-game items and medals, and there will be new customizable boosters such as a Buddy System that will allow you share rewards with your teammate and revive a multiplayer partner.

Naughty Dog has further revamped the matchmaking system to make it based on player levels and will allow players to join games already in progress. The multiplayer beta will kick off on June 28th, although you can gain early access through PlayStation Plus or in specially marked boxes of Infamous 2 and you can check out some of the new maps – including a rather spectacular shootout on a runway – in the multiplayer trailer below.

Oh, and if that wasn’t all enough, they also added split-screen multiplayer, so you can play with a friend. Naughty Dog, you’re spoiling us.

You can find out more at the PlayStation Blog.


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