Ninja Theory’s UE4 Tech Demo Leaked

| June 2, 2014
Ninja Theory's UE4 Tech Demo Leaked

Thanks to an artists portfolio, a new tech demo has leaked from Ninja Theory. Apparently built with Unreal Engine 4, this short video demonstrates the stunning creative vision seen in many of Ninja Theory games. It is hard to say if this will turn into an actual product, although if the short trailer is anything to go on, I for one would be excited to play it. The character design is reminiscent of what was seen in Heavenly Sword, with the unmistakable facial look seen throughout all Ninja Theory games. The original post has been taken down, but we managed to post the video so you all can see it.

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What do you all think, is this a game you would all play? Hopefully we hear more from Ninja Theory at this years E3 Expo in LA!

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