Nintendo dominates U.S. handheld market

| Apr 15, 2011
Nintendo dominates U.S. handheld market

Pokemon and the 3DS made March a very good month for the company.

The Nintendo DS, Pokemon White & Black, and the brand new Nintendo 3DS helped give Nintendo a nice month of sales. For starters, Pokemon White and Pokemon Black became the fastest-selling Pokemon games to date, selling a combined 2.4 million copies during March. The numbers prove that the franchise is still going strong, with fans snapping up a few more copies of White to make it the best-selling game of the month.

On the hardware front, Nintendo reported that U.S. sales for the 3DS climbed to nearly 400,000 units after one week on shelves (the system debuted on March 27th), while the trusty ol’ Nintendo DS actually outperformed its newer counterpart with 460,000 sales. Combined, the two systems brought Nintendo handheld sales to around 860,000 total units.

While the Nintendo handhelds are selling well, the Nintendo Wii continues to slip in sales, moving only 290,000 units during March. The Xbox 360, by contrast, sold 433,000, which may be why we’re hearing rumors about a Wii 2 announcement later in the year.

Source: NPD, via Gamespot

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