Nintendo reveals details on first DLC for Breath of the Wild

Nintendo reveals details on first DLC for Breath of the Wild 4

Nintendo has released new information on the first DLC pack for the critically acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

A new challenge, hard mode, and various cosmetics make up the bulk of the content as well as a mask that will help you find those 900 plus korok seeds hidden around the world.

The biggest addition in this pack is something Nintendo is calling the “Trial of the Sword.” Previously known as the “Cave of Trials Challenge” players are tasked with fighting enemies one after the other and Link starts without any armor or weapons. The trial will include 45 rooms to complete and once its finished, the full power of the Master Sword will be unlocked and it will retain it’s glowing, more powerful form outside of Calamity Ganon’s influence.

Nintendo Reveals Details On First Dlc For Breath Of The Wild 1
Once players complete the Trial of the Sword they will unlock the full potential of the Master Sword

Also introduced is the new Hard Mode. In it, enemies in game will go up a level in difficulty (Red Bokoblins will instead be blue for example). On top of that enemies will now recover health in battle so you’ll have to dispatch them a lot faster. On top of that, floating planks held up by balloons will be scattered across Hyrule. Players much reach these planks and defeat the enemies in order to collect the treasure found atop them.

Nintendo teased a new map feature to be included in this DLC when the game was released. That new feature would be what Nintendo is calling the “Travel Medallion.” Once collected, the medallion will be able to be placed anywhere on the map and Link can travel to it immediately. Only one medallion can be active on a map at one time but it will now save you from relying on traveling between shrines and towers to get around quick.

Heroes path mode is another huge addition. The game will now keep track of where you’ve been on the map by showing the path you’ve taken within your previous 200 hours of gameplay. Now you’ll no longer have to try and remember where you’ve been in the vast open world.

Nintendo Reveals Details On First Dlc For Breath Of The Wild 2
Tingle`s outfit is one of eight new sets added in the DLC

Several new pieces of equipment will also be added to the game inspired by previous games in the Zelda franchise. Once found players will be able to don equipment inspired by characters like Midna, Tingle, Phantom and Majora`s Mask.

Nintendo still has not revealed the release date for the DLC but it is ensuring that it will be coming to both the Switch and Wii U versions of Breath of the Wild.

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